When I said I was going to Brussels for a champagne party I was greeted with mixed responses. Some were excited, some were baffled and some were down right unimpressed by my trip calling it snobby and unnecessary.  Well, my flight was already booked and this girl was going to go anyway, I mean, who was going to stop me? This post is actually so special to me as Brussels is the city that inspired me to start travel blogging in the first place.  I had initially visited Belgium back in 2014 on a short city break to Antwerp but visited Brussels too for a day trip.  I’m really not one of those artsy people but couldn’t help falling in love with the architecture in this city, gosh, I even went to a museum!!

My second visit in 2016 was with someone I’m proud to call a friend and also my digital guru, George.  When I wanted to start blogging he was the first person I met that understood my concept and what I wanted to achieve, plus he is a rather amazing photographer (check out his work here https://stuchy.com/ )  and that’s exactly what I needed.  To be honest, without him this whole blog page simply wouldn’t exist.  So long story short, we communicated for a little while and I decided my first blog photos and ideas in Brussels, we flew out there and got The Living Cherub started.

My initial plan when we got there was to take some really nice fashion shots and start my style blogs. But it ended up being an absolute adventure as we searched for venues and beautiful locations to do the shoot.  We ended up at several hotels and restaurants but two really stood out to me and I promised myself that if I was going to return to Brussels, I’d stay in those hotels and visit those restaurants.  Well, I did it and followed through with my plan on trip number 3 and this is how it all went down.

As per usual I used skyscanner.com to book my flights and I flew from Heathrow this time as it was my cheapest option.  Flew in with Brussels Airlines and flew back with British Airways which was fab as I could use my AVIOS points which I’ve been collecting nicely over the last few years and I actually didn’t have to pay for my luggage as the points covered that. If you haven’t started collecting these points yet, you better start today, they are worth it!!  Here’s how you can start:https://www.britishairways.com/en-us/executive-club/collecting-avios/flights


So in 2016 when we were searching for locations to shoot, we went to these two hotels and kindly asked if we could do some photography in their beautiful hotels.  One said yes and one said no but nonetheless, my stubborn and curious self couldn’t resist booking them on my next trip which happened to be the Champagne cocktail party at L’aube sur Aÿ right in the heart of Brussels.


This hotel is situated in one of the most convenient areas if you want to visit Brussels in its entirety.  With a tram station located just outside your door, what more could you ask for?  It’s also just around the corner from Avenue Louise which is so great for shopaholics like me and you’ll also find the best restaurants in this affluent area too. I would describe this hotel as your modern-day millennial hotel as it seemed to be quite the hotspot for bloggers and many young couples or groups of friends looking for a trendy place to stay or just meet up for cocktails and a meal.  If you don’t fancy venturing out of the hotel to eat or enjoy a few cocktails, the bar and restaurant downstairs will cater to your needs.  Great hotel if you’re looking for somewhere reasonably priced, trendy, has easy access to transport and also a short walk to the centre of Brussels for all the tourist attractions.


This was the main hotel I wanted to stay in because when I had seen it in 2016, my entire soul set itself on fire with too much love!!  It’s on the same street as Pentahotel so it was only a 5 minute walk for me to get to this stunning location: manospremier.com


First of all, the decor in this place is to die for, so regal and perfect it’s almost as if you need a royal guard to chaperone you in and a band blowing trumpets to announce your arrival. I love all the french renaissance furniture which resonates from the reception right through to their rooms and dining area, basically the whole hotel.

I also love the fact that it’s a small family run hotel so it’s never overcrowded or too busy to cater to your wants and needs.  There is a restaurant on site too (Kolya restaurant) if you choose to eat there and breakfast can be ordered at a rate of €25 per person.

If you fancy sitting in a slightly more private area, they have a beautiful lounge area with a fireplace and a selection of books to get stuck in to at your leisure.
There is also a fully equipped gym and Hamam style spa if you want to indulge in a luxe spa day and relax on your trip.
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This place was kind enough to let us use their bar and cellar for a photo shoot back in 2016 as it was freezing cold and I have a feeling  Arnaud, the owner, must’ve heard my teeth chattering all through the Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert where it’s located.  With a private cellar and extensive range of champagne, I knew I had to come back at some point and just enjoy the ambiance.

Fast forward to October 2017 and I surely was back in a slightly more relaxed environment at one of their now weekly Champagne soirees.  I believe this was the first one they were throwing and it was fab!!  Live jazz and swing music playing  and a night filled with champagne cocktails, let’s just say I was happy I had spent my weekend this way.

You can find out more about this stunning champagne bar on their website and Facebook page for all events, menu’s and wine lists.


 On my last night in Brussels, I was looking for a great restaurant to go to and ended up at the brand new restaurant close to Avenue Louise too which was convenient.  Now this place was worth the find. If you’re into fine dining then this is the spot for you.

From the modern decor to the menu and the wine selection (if you’re looking for Armand de Brignac, Chateau Margaux Premier Grand Cru, Chateau Cheval Blanc etc then go and eat here).  I had a fantastic meal but didn’t really get the chance to take pictures as it was such a spontaneous find but I will return soon for a full review and some photos to show you what the place looks like. I do highly recommend it as the food that night was to die for.

You can make reservations here and also check out their menu here: http://carnivoregrill.be/

Well, I’ll end this blog there and if any of you decide to visit Brussels and stay at any of the places mentioned, here is my booking.com link for you to get money off your stay courtesy of moi: https://www.booking.com/s/3369d982

Thanks for reading and look out for my Morocco post coming soon xx