So, it’s week 2 of lockdown and we all want to get rid of this boredom that we never knew existed!! Well, I’m here to help.

Food wastage at this uncertain time is definitely not on the agenda so if you have any extra soft bananas in that fruit bowl, then why not try out this banana bread recipe.  It’s pretty much fail proof so give it a go and enjoy a lovely dessert while watching that Netflix series you’ve been glued to for the past few days (and go and shower!!).



125 ml Butter

120 ml Sugar

1,25 ml salt

5 ml Vanilla Essence

2 Eggs

300 ml Flour

45 ml Custard Powder

20 ml Baking Powder

15 ml Milk

30-45 ml Walnuts or Almonds

finely chopped/grated

3 Bananas, mashed



Cream the butter, gradually adding the sugar, salt, vanilla and eggs, one at a time.  Sift the dry ingredients over the mixture and fold in.


Add the milk, nuts or almonds and the bananas. Bake in a large tin loaf (or use two small tins like I did) at 175°c for 45-60 mins. Serve plain or with custard.


*Cool and top with buttercream icing, grated chocolate and dust with cocoa (*optional)