Yes, my title says it all, I nearly fell while taking this picture, leaned a little too much to the right ha!  But, this is honestly the first time that I’ve felt like I actually want to look good in Autumn/Fall as it’s one of the seasons that I could easily block and delete if the option was available and I only own one decent jumper which is in a shameful state, so it’s time to replace it if I really must. But I do love a good coat and have decided I will share where I get most of mine for all my fellow Petite women.

If you’re looking for a simple but stylish, lightweight autumnal coat, then this one I have on from is the one for you.  It’s not quite cold enough to wear a full on heavy coat so this is perfect for just enough warmth.  I also quite like how easily adaptable this coat is for our height (5ft and under) featuring a drawstring waist to give you a nice shape when buttoned/zipped up and adjustable sleeves if you have slightly shorter arms like me.

Features zip, pop button detail as well as pockets.  The light denim wash is the perfect colour to wear with those nudes, florals and neutrals for this season.



I’ll be doing quite  few of these fashion posts as I’m enjoying them a lot more now and have also found quite a few brands that do cater to us petite ladies. Baby steps though as my body is changing with all my workouts and my new gym routine has me having all the excuses to shop, which really isn’t a bad thing now is it. Exciting times ahead!!

Remember to always wear your best smile, it’s such a beautiful accessory and it’s free!! xx