So this morning was a disaster. That wasn’t my intention at all, I knew it was school-run day and I got up early,  showered and began to strip my sheets from the bed. I wore my gym gear and walked down towards the glass door into the hallway and eventually into the kitchen.
My son was surprisingly ready for school, he’s the sweetest boy I know. He had walked the dogs, put on his uniform and shoes (I’m usually screaming for him to get dressed every time!!), he had cooked his second breakfast and had put his trumpet at the door so we don’t forget it as we usually do. I put the kettle on for my fruit tea, once it had brewed  we were out the door.
There has been some maintenance work on our little country roads and it’s caused chaos but we were out on time to take the slightly longer route. There we were super mum and son in the car, ready!!!
Disaster number one struck at the end of our lane. Someone had got some new horses and was trying to back into the lane and onto their paddocks. They failed and I eventually had to give up and drive forward to give us way. That took about 4 minutes off the clock and in mama lane that’s a lifetime!!! Drove passed and gave them the stare of doom. Ok, let’s go. We get the “Diverted Traffic” sign and the workers have blocked 3/4 of the road. I’m on a tiny bridge and scared of reversing as many cars have ended up in the river, trust me.  There’s a car behind me and he isn’t budging. My son panics, gets out of the car and asks the guys if they can move their truck, “NO”.
Automatically, my day is slowly being ruined. I’ve already calculated it in my head, my son will be late no matter which route we take. I get a knot in my tummy, palms are sweaty and a million thoughts rush through my head: ” my son thinks I’m a bad mum; what will the Headmistress think; I can’t do this, but he has to get to school; what if I don’t mange to back up this road; why didn’t I turn the other way? Etc…
I started backing up slowly but I eventually turned into a mini savage, told my son to close his eyes as I was going to do a little stunt. I reversed up the road like something out of Fast and Furious and straight into a driveway to turn around. Well I drove as calmly as I could to the school, we got there but yes, he was late and I had to face the music. I signed the paperwork and walked slowly back to the car. I hopped in and my eyes welled up, what a fail and it’s not even a Monday. I composed myself and just drove slowly back, avoiding the route with the workmen as I was ready to punch and kick them all in the bloody nuts!!
I got home and was ready to just quit the day. It was surprisingly sunny though so I thought “this is the perfect time to press my RESET button”. So I did a quick kettle bell workout and felt better instantly.
letters reset in handwriting font
I usually always say on my Facebook page that Monday’s are the perfect day to press this imaginary button as it’s the beginning of the week and a great chance to get your mind ready for next few days. Well, I needed it today (Thursday) and used it to get my mind together and not focus on my morning moment of madness. It works for me and can be a small mental tool you can use to help you deal with day to day blips in your day. You can write it down or simply put it in your phone notes and start over.
I say this with the most sincerity, have a great day tomorrow and enjoy no matter what setbacks you face. Push through and make the most of the week.
Nat x